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01 Tracking

Just wear it! We will track your posture and tell you when you have a bad posture for a long time. (Crossed leg, Unbalanced sitting, Prolonged sitting) Achieve a good posture!

02 Growing

Let's grow flowers. Plant grows along with your posture. Plant will be thirsty if you sit for a long time. Plant will get more energy if you walk more. The more beautiful the flowers, the healthier your posture.

03 Care

Experts review your habit, and give you personal feedback with weekly report, personal exercise program, and 1:1 chat. Try to get your balanced body with your experts.

Our Story

The body suffers from bad posture habits. We found that human needs much more things beyond the technology to change habits.

We help you to motivate enough

for good and healthy body.

Our Goal

To help people to change bad posture habit actively, effectively,

so could grow a good healthy posture habit!

Our Vision

To eliminate bad posture habit  on the Earth.


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Seoul, Republic of Korea

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